The Symptoms of Enamel Erosion

If you’re a victim of enamel erosion, it’s important to treat your smile right away. This is because enamel erosion makes you vulnerable to tooth cracks and even cavities. So, make sure to visit our dentist in Durham, North Carolina, Dr. Imeni, for treatment. Now, this might be a tough... Read more »

How to Relieve Dry Mouth

If you’re a victim of dry mouth, then you likely experience a burning feeling in the mouth, cracked lips, a sticky or dry feeling in the mouth, trouble chewing and swallowing, mouth sores, bad breath, cavities and more. If you’re like many others, you’re looking for ways to relieve your... Read more »

Periodontal Disease Is Often Linked to Poor Oral Hygiene Habits

Ideally, you should brush your teeth twice each day with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste. Your daily brushing efforts should also be followed up by thoroughly flossing between each of your teeth and along the gumline at least once per day. It’s also important to clean the space behind... Read more »

Don’t Delay Treating a Chipped Tooth

Chewing on pens and pencils or using your teeth to open packaging can place an excessive amount of force on your tooth enamel. A similar threat is also posed by grinding your teeth while sleeping. In time the unnatural force applied to your teeth could chip or fracture a tooth.... Read more »

What is Different About Water Flossers?

Do you wish there was a way to clean your teeth without the use of sharp picks or floss? If so, we have exciting news for you! Water flossers have become popular because of the ease of use and success at removing unwanted plaque from between your teeth. To help... Read more »

A Dental Crown Restoration Might Be Used to Treat a Severe Cavity

Brushing your teeth twice each day with a fluoride toothpaste is important for cleaning away food debris and bacteria from your teeth. This should be followed by flossing between each of your teeth as well as along the gumline, at least once each day. If you are sometimes lax with... Read more »

Cleaning Your Teeth At Home

There are a few habits you need to develop and keep in order to maintain a healthy smile. Many of us learned about these habits when we were children--but we are going to review some tips to help you get the most out of your oral hygiene routine! Brush: Brush... Read more »

Renew Your Smile’s Youth With Dental Veneers

Have you been wishing for a tooth restoration treatment that could rejuvenate your whole smile and make it look years younger? If so, dental veneers may be just right for you! Not only do dental veneers improve the appearance of a smile, but they can mask any unwanted flaws or... Read more »

The Things You Didn’t Know About Toothbrushes

Toothbrushes are handy tools that can clean your chompers and smile regularly. They can help you prevent dental issues and they can even help you have a more attractive smile. Now, you probably knew all of these things. Our dentist, Dr. Imeni, would like to tell you some things that... Read more »

Dentistry Topics for Beginners: Teenage Dentistry

If you have not already done so, it is important to make sure that you establish an oral health care checklist to keep your smile safe on a daily basis. For teens, this includes additional techniques to help keep your smile safe from enhanced risks that often first become present... Read more »