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Can you believe that dental crowns are designed and intended to shield and protect teeth along with improving the appearance and role of your teeth? With every dental crown, a potentially unworkable tooth can be reestablished to its appropriate functionality.

Create an improved oral health identity with dental crowns. If your oral health care requires dental crowns, remember the following:

– Dental crowns can be designed to mimic the look, shape, and function for the teeth that they have replaced.

– Dental crowns can hold fillings in a tooth when a tooth’s surface is smaller than the filling itself.

– Thanks to their design, dental crowns can help shield your mouth from tooth decay and gum disease.

– On most occasions, dental crowns can last over twenty years and are easily replaced if damaged or knocked loose.

– Dental crowns completely conceal a tooth on all sides down to the gums.

– It has been observed that crowns can clutch broken bits of teeth together that otherwise would serve no functional purpose and would need to be extracted.

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