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If you’ve lost a tooth, you probably see that you should have it replaced as soon as possible. If not, your mouth will be more difficult to clean, which means you’ll be more likely to experience cavities and gum disease. Your other teeth may also reallocate to other areas of your mouth. This is especially tricky if you’ve had orthodontia in the past. Once you make the decision to reinstate your missing tooth, there are a number of options. Perhaps the most popular choice is to get a dental implant.

Implants can bring back your ability to chew and speak contentedly again. They can stop your teeth from shifting and might even help you avoid wrinkle lines. Dental implants are created to match the natural color of your other teeth. This frequently leads to enhanced confidence as the appearance of your smile is improved. Unlike dentures, implants also won’t require any specialized care. Best of all, unlike any other option, implants can last a lifetime.

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