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Dental veneers are a marvel of dentistry! For countless years, people have tried to enhance their smile with several different resources. However, this often ended in many failed efforts. Not only can veneers enhance your smile, they can do so without the use of tooth replacements. Turn your ordinary smile into enamel ecstasy with dental veneers!

Your oral health services guide for dental veneers features the following attributes:

– Although a small amount of tooth enamel must be taken off to place a dental veneer, it is less than the amount needed to place a dental crown.

– Dental veneers only use a small amount of material to connect to the fronts of teeth, which consists of a strong yet durable shell.

– Dental veneers can be used to fix minor misalignment or spacing issues between teeth.

– Dental veneers are linked directly to the fronts of teeth for a durable hold that will not shift or move.

– Dental veneers are idyllic choices for covering teeth with stains, discolorations, or damages that can leave a tooth vulnerable to further injury.

– A single dental veneer can last more than a decade.

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