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As hard as your teeth are there are still times when an oral injury or untreated cavity can lead to severe dental distress. In a case where the root of the tooth has been badly compromised emergency treatment might call for a total extraction.

After the affected gum tissues have been sutured and allowed to heal, a dentist like Dr. Imeni might be able to restore the tooth’s essential function with a dental bridge. This solid piece of dental work that will be designed lab to effectively mimic the physical presence of the previously extracted tooth.

It will include a dental crown on each end, which allows our dentist to anchor it onto the core structure provided by the two neighboring teeth. To do this he will use professional tools and techniques to carefully remove their tooth enamel layer.

When your dental bridge is ready our dentist in Durham, North Carolina, will carefully cement it in place with a strong dental adhesive to complete the dental restoration process. Once this is done you can enjoy the natural function of your previously distressed and extracted tooth.

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