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Your routine dental checkup at Dr. Erfan Imeni’s clinic is designed to clean your teeth while also detecting signs of oral cancer, periodontal disease, and cavities. It enables him to catch minor oral health problems before they can worsen into a significant oral health condition.

If you have a bad habit of putting off your dental checkups, it’s possible for a small cavity to grow into a much larger problem. Sometimes the area of tooth decay can be so large that Dr. Erfan Imeni can’t viably repair the tooth with a simple dental filling.

To treat a tooth in this condition Dr. Erfan Imeni might recommend replacing the entire tooth enamel layer with a dental crown. To do this Dr. Erfan Imeni will need to remove whatever remains of the original tooth enamel layer create an abutment which will anchor the final dental work.

Then he will create an impression of the area which will be sent to a professional dental lab. It will guide highly trained dental technicians in creating your new dental crown.

Porcelain dental crowns are often called for to restore a tooth that is visible in your smile. This special material can be shaded to match the surrounding teeth to appear like natural tooth enamel. Gold and metallic alloy crowns are durable, making them a better choice for restoring a back tooth.

If you live in the Durham, North Carolina, area and you have a tooth suffering from a large cavity, you should call 919-220-5505 to seek timely treatment at Smile Design - Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.